Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just Getting Started....


Having recently discovered "blogging" and liking it - I've started one!

I often find myself thinking about things. Mostly about working as an Executive Director of an environmental organization but also about life, values, how people treat each other and the way the internet has changed our interactions. The problem is usually finding someone who is thinking the same thing at the same time and wants to discuss it! My twelve year old daughter says the internet helps her with this so she has helped me set up this blog.

Like most things I do....I usually learn as I go. If there are rules or a protocol I don't know what they are. You could tell me - I may or may not follow.

This blog will mostly be about fundraising, environment and quirky observations about how people interact with each other and the internet. My world moves so fast usually personal and professional blends together in odd ways. I don't live in neat and tidy boxes. This blog will likely reflect that.

I'd love your comments, thoughts contributions. I make no apologies for content - like my facebook albums if you care enough to look at them you are welcome to it!

I look forward to traveling with you on this new internet adventure.



  1. Well Kimberley, welcome to the blog world, there is always room for another voice.

    One of the biggest/nest/hardest things you need to do (which I don't very well) is participate and add your thoughts to the bloggers that surround you... Good luck and I look forward to what you have to say. Cheers!
    John Lepp

  2. Thank you John for stepping up and welcoming me. I appreciate that.

    Participation has never been something I shy away from. Sounds perfect actually!

    oooops I'm distracted again....

  3. Yay! Welcome to blog land!

    The biggest challenge (I find) is finding the time to post something that may be of interest and relevant to others.

    So... good luck and i look fwd to reading!

  4. That is sweet Jonathon. Thanks. Like the facebook pics. If people care enough to read then they are welcome to my ramblings....

    I posted on time management this morning, now I'm caught up "blogland" a very dangerous thing...


  5. I can't believe it took me this long to discover your blog!

    Nor can I believe you've been in the city twice in the past week and we've not managed to meet up.

    Happy Blogging!
    Laurie Pringle

  6. "This long" Laurie it has been exactly two three days. I haven't even invited anyone yet! (well except my facebook friends!)

    I know the city thing is lame. I'm down a lot at this time ofyear though so we will connect.