Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meeting Without Purpose


In a busy world every minute of the day counts. Time management is essential.
I can't stand getting stuck in unproductive, long meetings. Or meetings for the sake of
meetings when a ten minute conversation standing up in the
hallway or walking around the block will do it.

I've seen people who were booked for one hour get up and walk out at exactly one hour.
I've done this - it is very liberating (when board members and donors weren't involved of course!)
So this morning during reading I came across this cool article about meeting free Fridays

So many of us pretend we are busy or spend our time doing things with no purpose.
What if we stopped pretending and just sat and looked out the window for awhile?
Thinking, processing finding quiet moments.
A lot of answers and ideas come in the quiet moments.

We have an understanding in our office - if you aren't being productive, if your distracted by
something personal - leave. If you just need to play solitare for a few minutes - do it.
Surf the internet please....whatever it takes to get back into a space of productivity.
At the day delivering results is expected. Face time is much less important.

I like the idea in this article of meetings operating more like a sports team.
Huddle, determine the objective and go do it!

Make your day as productive as you can and remember....take time to think it through.

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