Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Measures of Success


Last year I advocated for a development audit and a strategic plan. We have been growing so fast we simply couldn't afford not to stop and take a look at where the gaps might be and how to address them. It was time. The board said absolutely - Let's Do It!

I know the development audit isn't a judgement on my effectiveness as a fundraiser. Honestly though, when you are a lone fundraiser it is a gruelling experience! (there I wrote it down for the whole world - or the four people reading this - to see)

I know the strategic plan is the responsibility of the board. Honestly though, I'm overwhelmed by all the things we need to do and can't help but think about operationalizing it before it is even done.

I know this is very important work to do, I trust our consultant, my President and the process. On an intellectual level it is thrilling. Emotionally it just isn't any fun. Bloody hard work actually. I'll seek therapy when I have time.

Today an amazing thing happened. In the midst of statistics and spreadsheets and attrition rates, one of my board members said a beautiful, beautiful thing:

"We measure ourselves by the happiness of our donors."

How cool is that?! Some of our board defaults to a donor centred place.

I'm very proud of them all. Time to go home...

PS I know I said I'd talk about Obama today. But everyone else is anyway and its my blog. Thank you for spending some time here. Goodnight.

PPS Thank you to the friend who pointed out an important spelling mistake. You are my official editor now! :-)


  1. I protest! I came for more Obama Llama.

    However, I think that is incredibly cool and I think we should clone that board member.

    I'm all aflutter because my Chair sent me a copy of the KCI October Trends report. Which means not only is he looking at such things and reading them - he's sharing!

    Isn't it nice when our board members & chairs make us all happy inside.

    Now - speak to me about Obama please!

  2. NO. Laurie we will not speak of Obama! Your board member sent the KCI report???? That is great.

    Yes....let us stop complaining about our boards and start celebrating the small victories!

    Obama maybe tomorrow...I'm very busy you know.....:-)

    Nice to hear from you...