Friday, November 21, 2008

The Nice Things People Do


Well this was one crazy week. Up and down the 400, a few snowstorms, power outages, new staff to train, donors and prospects to charm; I read some horrible news about sex crimes in the congo that had tears streaming into my keyboard, the bathroom flooded -while I was reading about the congo (which made the 130 year old plaster below very soggy!) and sadly I had a parting of ways with a friend.

THEN guess what happens - out of the blue and totally unsolicited someone offers to do something really nice for me this afternoon.

Before I tell you what that was you need to know that I am a luddite. The clock in my car is 70 minutes fast because I don't want to learn how to program it. This past year I just figured out text messaging and how to program contacts in my cell phone. I started a blog because I have things I want to say and talk about. NOT because I'm keen to learn how to manage and manipulate a website - that is what my 12 year old is for!

So today after some casual comments about the template of my blog, my friend John Lepp offered to fix the header. You may have noticed. This blog now has an "obama-ish" feeling about it! Thank you John, I'll try to live up to this great new look with some solid content.

Now don't all five you go rushing and asking John to do this for you. He is very busy and very expensive! (but worth every penny of course)

Today he shared his skills with someone who could use them and didn't even ask for them - no strings attached. John you are a very cool person!

Thank you for spending some time here.

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  1. My pleasure Kimberley. Thanks for the shout out.

    John Lepp