Sunday, November 30, 2008

Do You Have Your Own Mission Statement?


Last week about 900 fundraising professionals (including me) attended the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter Fundraising Conference.

Words cannot express my gratitude to AFP for everything they have given me. I have been attending this conference for about eight years and thought I knew what to expect.

This year I was surprised. I attended the very best session ever. No it wasn't lead by someone with a British or even Scottish accent. It was lead by a woman I didn't know anything about. A woman of colour - who was really young and...wait for it...American! I must admit I almost skipped it. The session was about Work Life Balance. I was busy, I thought perhaps I could have made better use of my time.

Well I went and... Rosetta Thurman - You Amazed Me!

This wasn't just another session about time management. Rosetta forced us to define our personal values, look and how we are spending our time and finally to write a personal mission statement. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time.

I've replaced the "about me" section in this blog to not talk about who I am but rather who I am striving to be. I welcome you to join me on this journey.

Thank you Rosetta and thank you AFP. My life is richer for the experience.

Now then, I want to know from the now twenty people who read this blog: Do you have a personal mission statement?

Thank you for spending some time here.


  1. GAH! I looked at that session and skipped it because I thought it'd be annoyingly preachy.

    Now I'm kicking myself.

  2. Well I'm glad to see you also believe in Mark's philosophy about having your own personal mission statement. Yours is great Kimberley.

  3. Kimberley - Great blog! Glad to see you sharing your thoughts here. Blogging is, and has been for me, a wonderful way to reflect on what I'm learning in my own leadership journey.

    I was so amazed by your mission statement and the willingness of your group to "go there" and think outside the box about values and how they can help us lead more balanced lives. I highly recommend reading Total Leadership by Stewart Friedman as a companion to your journey. Thank you again for sharing with me!

  4. yeah! People are writing on my blog - even Rosetta. That is so exciting. The question was: Do you have a personal mission statement? We know Rosetta does, John might but won't share it and Laurie wishes she did! Anyone else....

  5. Hey - i never said I wouldn't share mine!

  6. Oh you have one. Good to hear! I suppose I'll have to go to your blog to see it then....