Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Cost of a "Flat" World

In my last post of 2008 I made a list about what I learned last year. As I move through 2009 I've blogged about learning stuff , SOFII , pushing our own boundaries,

Now it is time to reflect on number 5. Blogging.

I like my blog. It is very cool that people from 25 countries around the world take time to read it. (In fact this weekend I intend to write about sex so be sure to sign up as a follower so you don't miss it!)The relationships I have developed through online channels this year never would have happened without the Internet and my ability to type.

Yesterday I started wondering if we aren't loosing something as we pursue this idea of a flat world. I received this note:

Last week we received a donation from "Mrs. Norman" with a different hand written note. The cheque had the wrong date and we didn't have her phone number on file. So I wrote her a handwritten note asking for her phone number and informing her of her mistake. She wrote me the note above and sent in a new cheque...with her phone number. (I thought about typing it out for you so it would be easier for you to read, but I won't. See if your eyes still recognize cursive writing.)

Now I could phone Mrs. Norman and thank her. Which I did. We had a lovely conversation during which I learned that Mrs. Norman is 91 years old and no longer has any connection to our cause other than her donations. She keeps making them because they remind her of more active days at the cottage when she was a child and later as a mother with her own kids. Her connection with us is very important to her. My connection with her was very intimate and it started with an exchange of hand written notes.

(I will secretly admit to you that yes - ruthless fundraiser that I am I did think about her estate plans)

The point is: With all these electronic relationships are we missing out on something? A level of connection that you simply can't get electronically? I think we are.

Well I better get into work, the Mrs. Norman's of the world won't be around much longer and I have to work on my penmanship.

Thank you for spending time here.

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