Thursday, February 26, 2009

Corporate Sponsorships


There is nothing like a good relaxing lunch with one of your team members to come up with a good strategy.

We are working bloody hard around here on securing some corporate sponsors. Keeping up with the same target as last year is requiring a lot more work.

Here is what the "meeting" over tuscan bean soup, grilled calamari salad, tiramisu and cappuccino delivered:

- Be grateful for every single sponsorship no matter the level

- If a sponsor declines but wants to help - take them up on their offer by asking for auction items or assistance selling tickets to their clients. Don't deny them the opportunity to be a part of your event just because their budgets are tight this year. They want to be involved!

- Send a personalized thank you note to the sponsors who said NO. Let them know you appreciate their time in considering the request.

Do you have any creative solutions for keeping your corporate sponsors engaged this year?

Thank you for spending time here.

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