Monday, February 16, 2009

The magical world of fields and rivers

Have you ever tried to outlast a heron? Marvelled at the ability of a squirrels nest to survive a harsh winter? Let tent caterpillars devour an entire tree because you are amazed that they actually can? Or laughed for two years as you witnessed the battle between beaver and man? (One thinks a den is rather important, the other thinks road safety should come first. They are both right.)

If any of these small wonders of nature fascinate you, as they do me, then you will truly appreciate the simple pleasure of reading The Field by the River by Ken Burnett.

Perhaps you are dragging yourself into work, commuting on a sticky humid subway (tube) ride everyday? Are wondering if you will ever feel the sunshine on your face again in the middle of this long cold winter? Counting the days to the first long weekend in spring? Then you absolutely must read this book – immediately!

The Field by the River will remind you of the simpler pleasures in life – like taking time to walk the dogs. You will be transported through words to join Ken, Marie and their three dogs on their daily walks in rural France. You will learn more about mushrooms than anyone needs to know really, except perhaps which ones fairies are most attracted too – oh and the ones that will kill you - that is useful learning.

This book is a delight that will make you laugh, cry and smile at the same time. A work of art best enjoyed out loud. Make your family slow down and listen - share the beauty and wonders of Kerkelven with them.

A side of Ken Burnett that many fundraisers don’t know is shared within the pages of “Field”. Did you know he studies the antics of ants? Just sits still sometimes to think? Uses a whip to force his wife Marie to move lawn furniture! (Let’s hope the last one was a bit of an exaggeration!)

The Field by the River is about pleasure, taking time to just “be” in the beauty and wonder of our natural world and cherishing those who share it with us. A lesson for all fundraisers actually...more on that in another post.

Give yourself the gift of respite from your daily toil and buy this book today. Actually buy two because you will want to give one as a gift and keep yours forever.

Thank you for spending time here.

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