Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snap Out of It!

It seems like every time I turn on the radio, have a conversation, read a newspaper, check my email or surf the internet someone is telling me we are all doomed.

Every conversation I have with fundraisers and volunteers seems to be about the economy and how impossible it will be to raise any money this year.

There is a lot of advice out there. The best of which I think is from Ken Burnett who – true to form - does not disappoint. Check out what he has to say and his ten commandments for survival in this article from UK Philanthropy.

Frankly, I think all we need to \snap out of it!.

Stop whining and worrying and just get to work. Do your job better than everyone else does theirs!

Thank you for spending time here.


  1. Here! Here! Well said Kimberley. When I still have friends tell me that they donated a good little chunk of change to a charity a few weeks ago and they haven't heard a thing - not even a thank you - it is SO obvious that there is a lot of work to be done.

  2. Thanks John. This year will certainly separate the excellent from the mediocre! Great to hear from you.

  3. John, you stole my thunder... here, here indeed. Your best blog yet Kimberley. Spot on.

  4. I'll add my "here here" to that.

    I have been writing a recession fundraising series and I have come to the conclusion that people still want to give!

  5. Wow. Thanks guys. So the I guess the key to finding your "blogging voice" is just be incredibly rude and hit people. This will be really fun!

  6. I think the key Kimberley is writing what you think - deep in your gut. Blogs are for honest speak - and sometimes the truth hurts. It doesn't have to be rude or anything - just don't censored yourself. Or others ;).

  7. But John, if we did that people would know what we actually do think! What kind of Canadian are you? Perhaps that is why there aren't very many canucks blogging???? Another thought is that in addition to fellow fundraisers knowing what we think - our donors, staff and board members might find out! There would be chaos and transperancy. Who wants that???? :-)
    Did anyone actually take the time to read Ken's article though?