Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tips and thoughts from the trenches


This blog is evolving. It takes time in blogworld to figure out what you have to say, how it might be useful and who on earth could possibly be interested.

Of the blogs I follow I have observed that I am one of the few who is actually fundraising in the trenches. Yes many consultants know how to fundraise but let's be honest their blog is a way to not only be useful but also to drive business to their agency.

This blog isn't intended to do that. I don't need your business. You don't even have to like what I say and it is very possible that what I do to raise money isn't found in any book or on the CFRE exam.

If you are interested in hearing about life from the trenches of fundraising in a small shop, then this blog might be a little bit useful.

So thanks again to John Lepp - we have changed the tagline above to "Tips and thoughts from the trenches".

Thank you for spending time here.

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