Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Not the Economy, Stupid


I realize I should probably wait at least 24 hours before posting another blog. I think that is how this is suppose to work. I can't resist though, be sure to read the post on SOFII from yesterday (or you could visit Sean's blog because apparently we are talking about the same thing!)

People are asking me what I think about Canadian Politics at the moment.For the 50% of you who read this who aren't from Canada you should know things are a bit of a mess here right now. I work with a lot of politicians, have managed to raise money in this job during a total of 5 elections and government matches a lot of the private money we raise, so it is a little dangerous for me to make my position public. Fortunately, I don't think any of them are reading this blog and it is mine, so here goes:

I don't care anymore! I want a government that can lead. After three dysfunctional minority governments we have reached the depths of despair. Something really big needs to happen to get us out of this horrid cycle. I was hoping it would be the Govenor General - apparently not. Today in our national newspaper The Globe and Mail, Rick Mercer has not disappointed. We do need to be taken over by aliens Rick - that is probably the only thing big enough to stop this mess. Read Rick's great article NOW!

Thank you for spending time here.


  1. I wonder how many more people would vote if they called an election today. Didn't we have one of the worst voter turn-outs in decades in October?

  2. Yes a record low. Rather than voting Laurie, I't like to see fresh people running for office. I guess we won't have to think about that for awhile since our Government is going on holiday a bit early. (sigh) Thanks for participating in this blog with such enthusiasm. Cheers