Sunday, December 12, 2010

Client Centred Marketing. How an 'old' agency is changing how we think of them.

Stephen Thomas Marketing for a Better World Is an agency that seems to have successfuly reinvented itself. Once thought of as strictly a direct mail provider they are doing some great work with integration between multiple channels. Very cool campaigns like the Buy a Kid Some Time campaign with Kid's Help Phone and the brilliantly launched Medecins Sans Frontiers and the concept for MSF's What's up Crate campaign have moved me in unprecedented ways and I'm sure generated a lot of interest and money for their clients.

As an exhibitor and sponsor at the Association of Fundraising Professionals Toronto Chapter congress their approach is also refreshed. For two years now instead of talking about themselves they have brought in video crews to record delegates sharing their stories. This is a great idea because it increases their exposure and it engages their prospects in talking about themselves. HA! a very client centred approach. Very smart and very cool. Here is their video of me taken at AFP Congress last month.The video isn't transferring to my blog very well so you can click through here to You Tube if you like.

You can see more videos of other fundraising professionals on their STTV channel here. Congratulations to the ST team for their great (and very noticable work) and thank you for giving me a moment in the spotlight. Admit it folks - we all love that!

Thank you for spending time here.


  1. I'm really glad to see you enjoy the STTV videos, we had a great time doing them again this year and already have ideas of how to make it bigger and better at Congress 2011.

    To help the video fit better, you could try adjusting the pixel height and width within the embed code. As long as it remains at the same ratio, it should work.

    Thanks again,

  2. Kimberley - Thank you so much for being a willing interviewee! It's so nice to speak to all these bright and motivated fundraisers like yourself.

    You're an inspiration! With a fantastic blog too :)


  3. He he he, now I know what you look like and sound like!

    Should be easy to find you in the hotel lobby on Thursday.


  4. Thanks for your comments folks.

    Yes Clare - you now have the edge. Looking forward to seeing you and John Thursday.