Monday, April 26, 2010

'If you are terrible at what you do twitter won't fix that'

Scott Stratten is the President of UnMarketing and quite possibly the best presenter I've seen in ten years of attending conferences and two years of watching TED videos.

Scott is loud, obnoxious, self deprecating, flippant, full of ego, extremely entertaining, edgy and brilliant. Everything you want in a great speaker. Take all those qualities and add some extremely useful and relevant content and you have a session that the entire world should see. I'm so grateful to Scott for posting this video because I walked away from his session wanting to share it with the world. So I stole the presentation off of his website and put it on mine.

Make yourself a cup of tea,charge up your battery and enjoy Scott's presentation.

For those of you who aren't willing to invest the time in the video - let me summarize for you in a few bullets:

- Humans are online. If you need humans for your business - whether you like social media or not - you must have a presence.

- Start slowly. Choose a platform and learn it. Then move onto the next one. For example: establish a following on twitter then start a blog or a facebook groups.

- Invest your own social capital first. You don't open a bank account and expect to make a withdrawal. Add value to others first.

- Social media is a tool. Relevant content and being nice to people is still important.

I love all this stuff and agree wholeheartedly. Now go back and watch the video or bookmark this and come back later when you can.

Very sticky stuff. Thank you Scott!

Thank you for spending time here.

PS Scott wrote a little book too. If you prefer old fashioned reading you can buy it here.

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  1. Dear KImberly,

    Thanks for posting this video! I really enjoyed it! With a cup of tea, too!

    Love your writing too!